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About The Wood Life Project

Creating The Wood Life Project was borne out of concerns we had for the future of our planet, following the birth of our 2 beautiful boys.

We worried about the world we had brought them into and the legacy which was being left behind for them and future generations.  The plastic crisis, buying cheap and mass-produced items from overseas with massive carbon footprints.  All things which are contributing to the deterioration of our planet and eco-systems.

It felt as if every day we were learning more and more facts about the deterioration of our wonderful planet and we had the realisation that we could no longer accept this fate and the buck would stop here.  We needed to take control and contribute towards a world which we would be proud to bring up our boys in, to preserve the earth for future generations to enjoy and respect.  We decided we needed to create a brand which would see the end of the plastic revolution, the throw-away mindset of our generation.  A brand which would inspire others and change the way people buy forever.

The Wood Life Project brand encompasses all the values that contribute towards a better future for our planet with beautiful wooden items which are seen and used in our homes every day.  Eco-friendly, sustainable, British-made and British-sourced materials go into all of our products, right down to the packaging we use.  

All of our products are made by bringing forward 100’s of years of English craftsmanship.  We create beautiful products from responsibly sourced materials, which are made to last and stay in the home for years to come.  

By buying from The Wood Life Project you are saying no to the throwaway nature of the modern world.  You are contributing towards a better planet, a better planet for our future generations to inhabit, promoting eco-friendly, conscious consumerism.

Going the extra mile - unlike other eco-friendly brands who go 1000’s miles to source their products and materials such as bamboo, we go the local mile by sourcing materials from the UK only. 


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